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Youth Basketball Team Photos Schedule

Aspen Builders Inc. Activity Center

410 West D Street

January 12 - TimeDivisionTeamCoach
7:00 AM Boys 7th-8th Fate Marc Young
7:20 AM Kinderball Pam Middleton Pam Middleton
7:40 AM Girls 3rd-5th The Brite Lakers Tyler Napier
8:00 AM Boys 9th-12th Galloway Steven Galloway
8:20 AM Girls 3rd-5th Gold Rush Toby Semerenko
8:40 AM Girls 3rd-5th Strikers Mike Veiga
9:00 AM Boys 5th-6th Unbreakable Knights Jennifer Daniels
9:20 AM Girls 3rd-5th Tigers Christi Barnes
9:40 AM Girls 3rd-5th Knockouts Dwayne Bonffil
10:00 AM Boys 5th-6th Seals Brian Villanueva
10:20 AM COED 1st-2nd Red Crushers Tommy Gurley
10:40 AM COED 1st-2nd Young Lakers Gideon Sarpong
11:00 AM      
11:20 AM Boys 9th-12th Money Dwayne Bonfill
11:40 AM COED 1st-2nd Red Bombs Jesse Sanchez
12:00 PM      
12:20 PM COED 1st-2nd Shooting Stars Bryan Brown
12:40 PM COED 1st-2nd Rising Stars Daniel Rodriguez
1:00 PM Boys 9th-12th D.O. Double G Joe Root
1:20 PM COED 1st-2nd Hotshots Zachary Welton
1:40 PM      
2:00 PM Boys 9th-12th Celtics Dennis Birks
2:20 PM COED 1st-2nd Green Goblins Matthew Smith
2:40 PM COED 1st-2nd Fire Balls Tyler Napier
3:00 PM Boys 3rd-4th Fighting Irish Darrel Sipes
3:20 PM Boys 3rd-4th Warriors Adam Plugge
3:40 PM Boys 3rd-4th Heat Chad Snell

Jacobsen Middle School

400 S. Snyder
** Enter JMS gym at 400 South Snyder and drive east till you get to a parking lot behind the fence. The actual address for JMS is 411 Anita but there is no entrance to campus from Anita.

January 12 - TimeDivisionTeamCoach
7:00 AM Boys 7th-8th Water Buckets Tim Williams
7:20 AM Girls 3rd-5th Hot Tamales George Gurrero
7:40 AM Boys 7th-8th Fireballs Carson Bethany
8:00 AM COED 1st-2nd Red Wings Justin Dock
8:20 AM Boys 7th-8th Fighting Irish Darrel Sipes
8:40 AM Kinderball Ashley Luna Ashley Luna
9:00 AM Boys 5th-6th Warriors Nick Cyr
9:20 AM Kinderball Ashley Whitmore Ashley Whitmore
9:40 AM Kinderball Toby Sorenson Toby Sorenson
10:00 AM Boys 5th-6th Legends Steven Galloway
10:20 AM Kinderball Angie Kroeger Angie Kroeger
10:40 AM Kinderball Justin Dock Justin Dock
11:00 AM      
11:20 AM Boys 5th-6th Red Fire John Barnes
11:40 AM Boys 5th-6th Panthers Seth Snowder
12:00 PM      
12:20 PM Boys 5th-6th Titans Mychal Fimbres
12:40 PM Boys 5th-6th Thunder Jeremiah Jackson
1:00 PM Boys 9th-12th Tar Heels Kris Knaus
1:20 PM Girls 6th-8th Hot Tamales Justin Dock
1:40 PM Girls 6th-8th Liquid Gold Matthew Sanchez
2:00 PM Boys 9th-12th Red Monstars Patrick Schultz
2:20 PM Girls 6th-8th Dynamite Daniel Torres
2:40 PM Boys 3rd-4th Venom Toby Semerenko
3:00 PM      
3:20 PM Boys 3rd-4th Golden Lightings Steven Galloway
3:40 PM Boys 3rd-4th Blue Thunder Tyler Napier