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3x3 schedule

Monday 6/10/24 6pmT.N.T. vs **Dad Dynasty**5187
7pmThe Three Amigos vs **Post-up Malone**2695
8pm**Upper Echelon** vs Pawg7669
Wednesday 6/12/246pmPost-up Malone vs Pawg
7pmUpper Echelon vs Dad Dynasty
8pmThe Three Amigos vs T.N.T.
Monday 6/17/246pmDad Dynasty vs Pawg
7pmPost-up Malone vs T.N.T.
8pmThe Three Amigos vs Upper Echelon
Wednesday 6/19/246pmDad Dynasty vs The Three Amigos
 7pmT.N.T. vs Pawg
8pmPost-up Malone vs Upper Echelon
 Monday 6/24/246pmThe Three Amigos vs Pawg
7pmPost-up Malone vs Dad Dynasty
8pmT.N.T vs Upper Echelon
Wednesday 6/26/246pmPost-up Malone vs The Three Amigos
7pmDad Dynasty vs T.N.T.
 8pmPawg vs Upper Echelon
 Monday 7/1/246pmDad Dynasty vs Upper Echelon
7pmPawg vs Post-up Malone
8pmT.N.T. vs The Three Amigos
Monday 7/8/246pmPawg vs Dad Dynasty
7pmT.N.T. vs Post-up Malone
8pmUpper Echelon vs The Three Amigos
Wednesday 7/10/246pmPawg vs T.N.T.
 7pm The Three Amigos vs Dad Dynasty
 8pmUpper Echelon vs Post-up Malone
Monday 7/15/246pmDad Dynasty vs Post-up Malone
7pmUpper Echelon vs T.N.T.
8pmPawg vs The Three Amigos
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