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Presidential Polar Plunge

A polar bear cartoon with sunglasses and a top hat amidst an icy landscape, with the text "Presidential Polar Plunge 2024" and red stars.

Our first ever Presidential Polar Plunge happened February 19, 2024  and it was a splash-tacular success! Your enthusiasm and support made this chilly challenge unforgettable. Here's to our new President’s Day tradition!

Our Maintenance staff did a great job making sure our pool was ready for this event! We hope to see more of you challenge yourselves next year and in the years to come.


Why did we do this?

Here at TVRPD we are dedicated to having FUN while creating activities that promote health and welness. Not only that, we also want to challenge others to go beyond their comfort zone while enjoying our events. This is where the Polar Plunge came in. It is the perfect blend of fun and healthy in a whole new way. 


What is a polar plunge? 

Also called "cold water immersion" or "cold therapy", you submerge into ice cold water for a few minutes. If you are just starting, it is recommended to only cold plunge for about 2 minutes and increase the time from there. 


Why a cold plunge?

No it is not to be crazy, cold plunges are actually beneficial! Ever seen athelets submerge into cold water after a workout/training? One of the major benefits are that it helps with muscle recovery and reduces inflamation! It also helps with boosting your metabolism, betters your mood, helps you sleep better, and helps you better focus. 


So look forward to our next plunge for next year on President's Day! 


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