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5th-6th Grade Volleyball

Regular Season Standings

 Kim Smith50
 Carla Emory41
Alison Ayala33
 Joshua Bean33
 Tracy Maute15
Elizabeth Colby15
  • All Games at Aspen Builders Inc. Activity Center, 410 West D Street
  • First team listed is HOME team
  • Winning team is shown in BOLD
  • Playoff Week: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, June 3, 4, 6 (Schedule will be released soon)
  • Championships: Saturday, June 8 

Game Schedule

DateTimeGameSet 1Set 2Set 3
Saturday, April 1311AMJoshua Bean vs. **Alison Ayala**25-1425-22
12PMElizabeth Colby vs. **Tracy Maute** 25-2325-19
 1PMCarla Emory vs. **Kim Smith**25-1125-20
Saturday, April 2011AMTracy Maute vs. **Alison Ayala** 25-17 25-21
 12PM**Carla Emory** vs Joshua Bean26-2425-16
 4PM**Kim Smith** vs. Elizabeth Colby25-1025-18
Saturday, April 2711AM**Kim Smith** vs. Tracy Maute 25-1825-12
 12PMAlison Ayala vs. **Carla Emory**25-1922-25 9-15
 1PMJoshua Bean vs. **Elizabeth Colby**24-26 22-25
Saturday, May 411AM**Kim Smith** vs. Alison Ayala25-1925-15
 12PMElizabeth Colby vs. **Carla Emory**25-1125-17
 1PMTracy Maute vs. **Joshua Bean**25-1325-11
Saturday, May 1111AM**Carla Emory** vs. Tracy Maute25-1025-17
 12PM**Kim Smith** vs. Joshua Bean 25-1825-18
 1PM**Alison Ayala** vs. Elizabeth Colby25-1125-219-15
Saturday, May 1811AMKim Smith vs. Carla Emory16-2521-25
 12PMTracy Maute vs. **Elizabeth Colby**25-2025-27 15-17
 1PMAlison Ayala vs. **Joshua Bean**21-2522-25
Saturday, May 2511AMAlison Ayala vs. Tracy Maute 
 12PMJoshua Bean vs. Carla Emory
 1PMElizabeth Colby vs. Kim Smith 
Saturday, June 111AM Joshua Bean vs. Elizabeth Colby
 12PMTracy Maute vs. Kim Smith
 1PMCarla Emory vs. Alison Ayala
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