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7th-8th Grade Volleyball

Regular Season Standings

Brian Covey60
Margaret San Nicolas42
 Patrick Dunn42
 Nichole Henson24
 Jennifer Yourgules 15
 Jessica Ranken15
  • All Games at Aspen Builders Inc. Activity Center, 410 West D Street
  • First team listed is HOME team
  • Winning team is shown in BOLD
  • Playoff Week: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, June 3, 4, 6 (Schedule will be released soon)
  • Championships: Saturday, June 8 

Game Schedule

DateTimeGameSet 1Set 2Set 3
Saturday, April 138AM**Patrick Dunn** vs. Margaret San Nicolas26-2425-19
9AM**Brian Covey** vs. Nichole Henson25-1525-21
 10AM**Jennifer Yourgules** vs. Jessica Renkin25-1725-21
Saturday, April 208AMJennifer Yourgules vs. **Brian Covey**19-2512-25
 9AMJessica Renkin vs. **Margaret San Nicolas**16-2513-25
 10AMNichole Henson vs. **Patrick Dunn**21-2520-25
Saturday, April 278AM**Nichole Henson** vs. Jessica Renkin 22-2525-1215-8
 9AM**Brain Covey** vs. Patrick Dunn23-2527-2515-12
 10AM**Margaret San Nicolas** vs. Jennifer Yourgules25-1919-2516-14
Saturday, May 48AMJennifer Yourgules vs. **Patrick Dunn**18-2524-26 
 9AM**Margaret San Nicolas** vs. Nichole Henson25-1425-5
 10AM**Brian Covey** vs. Jessica Renkin25-1625-11
Saturday, May 118AMJessica Renkin vs. **Patrick Dunn** 25-2125-17
 9AMJennifer Yourgules vs. **Nichole Henson**25-1125-1415-9
 10AM**Brian Covey** vs. Margaret San Nicolas14-2525-1915-13
Saturday, May 188AMNicole Henson vs. **Brian Covey**19-2525-1614-16
 9AM**Jessica Ranken** vs. Jennifer Yourgules25-2223-2515-10
 10AM**Margaret San Nicolas** vs. Patrick Dunn25-1425-20
Saturday, May 258AM
Saturday, June 18AM
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