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Adult Softball Women's Softball 2024 Schedule

Mon, 7/8/20246pm**Ball Smashers** vs Bat Intentions17-7
 7:15pm**Cake Batters** vs Bad News Babes9-4
BYEI'd Hit That
Wed, 7/10/20246pmCake Batters vs **Bat Intentions**3-8
 7:15pmBall Smashers vs **I'd Hit That**6-7
BYEBad News Babes
Mon, 7/15/20246pmBat Intentions vs I'd Hit That
 7:15pmBall Smashers vs Bad News Babes
BYECake Batters
Wed, 7/17/2026pmBall Smashers vs Cake Batters
7:15pmI’d Hit That vs Bad News Babes
BYEBat Intentions
Mon, 7/22/20246pmBat Intentions vs Bad News Babes
 7:15pmI’d Hit That vs Cake Batters
BYEBall Smashers
Wed, 7/24/20246pmBat Intentions vs Ball Smashers
 7:15pmBad News Babes vs Cake Batters
BYEI’d Hit That
Mon, 7/29/20246pmBat Intentions vs Cake Batters
7:15pmI’d Hit That vs Ball Smashers
BYEBad News Babes
Wed, 7/31/20246pmI’d Hit That vs Bat Intentions
7:15pmBad News Babes vs Ball Smashers
BYECake Batters
Mon, 8/5/20246pmCake Batters vs Ball Smashers
7:15pmBad News Babes vs I’d Hit That
BYEBat Intentions
Wed, 8/7/20246pmBad News Babes vs Bat Intentions
7:15pmCake Batters vs I’d Hit That
BYEBall Smashers

Playoffs: Week of August 12th

Championship: Week of August 19th

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