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Boys 3rd-4th Grade Basketball

Regular Season Standings

  Ryan Mitchell60 
 Olivia Simko51 
 Chris Semays42 
 Paul Lindeman42 
Matt Horn33 
Cody Henson33
 Jason Stanley24 
 Dae Lantz24 
 Earle Villarino-Wright15
 Courtney Peck06 
  •  All Games at Aspen Builders Inc. Activity Center, 410 West D Street 
  • First team listed is HOME team
  • Winning team is in BOLD
  • Playoff Week: Monday-Friday, March 11 - 15 (Schedule will be released on February 15)
  • Championships: Saturday, March 16

Games Schedule

Saturday, January 61:00 PMDae Lantz vs. **Matt Horn**12-18
 2:00 PM**Olivia Simko** vs. Courtney Peck 53-4
 3:00 PM**Jason Stanley** vs. Ryan Mitchell12-31
 4:00 PMPaul Lindeman vs. **Chris Semays**12-14
5:00 PM**Cody Henson** vs. Earle Villarino-Wright 42-15
Saturday, January 131:00 PM**Olivia Simko** vs. Cody Henson37-27
 2:00 PM**Jason Stanley** vs. Dae Lantz24-8
 3:00 PMCourtney Peck vs. **Paul Lindeman**0-28
 4:00 PM**Ryan Mitchell** vs. Earle Villarino-Wright31-11
 5:00 PM**Matt Horn** vs. Chris Semays26-24
Saturday, January 201:00 PMCody Henson vs. **Ryan Mitchell** 21-26
 2:00 PM**Chris Semays** vs. Jason Stanley 32-16
 3:00 PM**Matt Horn** vs. Courtney Peck26-8
 4:00 PMEarle Villarino-Wright vs. **Dae Lantz**15-19
 5:00 PM**Paul Lindeman** vs. Olivia Simko14-11
Saturday January 271:00 PM**Olivia Simko** vs. Matt Horn29-24
 2:00 PMDae Lantz vs. **Ryan Mitchell**33-16
 3:00 PMPaul Lindeman vs. **Cody Henson** 21-20
 4:00 PM**Chris Semays** vs. Earle Villarino-Wright34-20
 5:00 PM**Jason Stanley** vs. Courtney Peck40-0
Saturday, February 31:00 PMCody Henson vs. **Dae Lantz** 13-4
 2:00 PM**Ryan Mitchell** vs. Chris Semays24-13
 3:00 PM**Matt Horn** vs. Paul Lindeman14-11
 4:00 PMJason Stanley vs. **Olivia Simko**26-24
 5:00 PM**Earle Villarino-Wright** vs. Courtney Peck26-6
Saturday, February 101:00 PMCourtney Peck vs. **Ryan Mitchell** 37-4
 2:00 PMDae Lantz vs. **Chris Semays**21-6
 3:00 PM**Paul Lindeman** vs. Jason Stanley17-13
 4:00 PMMatt Horn vs. **Cody Henson**24-13
 5:00 PMEarle Villarino-Wright vs. **Olivia Simko**21-20
* No Games on Saturday, Feb 17 * 
Saturday, February 241:00 PMCody Henson vs. Chris Semays
 2:00 PMJason Stanley vs. Matt Horn
 3:00 PMCourtney Peck vs. Dae Lantz
 4:00 PMEarle Villarino-Wright vs. Paul Lindeman
 5:00 PMRyan Mitchell vs. Olivia Simko
Saturday, March 21:00 PMCody Henson vs. Jason Stanley
 2:00 PMCourtney Peck vs. Chris Semays
 3:00 PMMatt Horn vs. Earle Villarino-Wright
 4:00 PMDae Lantz vs. Olivia Simko
 5:00 PMRyan Mitchell vs. Paul Lindeman
Saturday, March 91:00 PMRyan Mitchell vs. Matt Horn
 2:00 PMChris Semays vs. Olivia Simko
 3:00 PMEarle Villarino-Wright vs. Jason Stanley
 4:00 PMCourtney Peck vs. Cody Henson
 5:00 PMDae Lantz vs. Paul Lindeman


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