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3rd-4th Grade Volleyball

Regular Season Standings

Grace Amato51
 Gilbert Ortiz42
 Carley Cass42
Jessica Smith42
 Ashleigh Smith15
 Margaret San Nicolas06
  • All Games at Aspen Builders Inc. Activity Center, 410 West D Street
  • First team listed is HOME team
  • Winning team is shown in BOLD
  • Playoff Week: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, June 3, 4, 6 (Schedule will be released soon)
  • Championships: Saturday, June 8 

Game Schedule

DateTimeGameSet 1Set 2Set 3
Saturday, April 132PM**Grace Amato** vs.Margaret San Nicolas 25-2025-9
3PMJessica Smith vs. **Gilbert Ortiz**25-1217-2514-16
 4PMAshleigh Smith vs. **Carley Cass**20-2525-1711-15
Saturday, April 202PMAshleigh Smith vs. **Jessica Smith**25-1725-16 
 3PM**Carley Cass** vs Margaret San Nicolas25-1817-2515-13
 4PMGilbert Ortiz vs. **Grace Amato** 25-1925-13
Saturday, April 272PM**Gilbert Ortiz** vs. Carley Cass25-2225-20 
 3PMGrace Amato vs. **Jessica Smith**17-2523-25
 4PM**Ashleigh Smith** vs. Margaret San Nicolas21-2519-2515-11
Saturday, May 42PM**Grace Amato** vs. Ashleigh Smith26-2425-16
 3PMMargaret San Nicolas vs **Gilbert Ortiz**25-1717-2513-15
 4PMJessica Smith vs. **Carely Cass**25-2325-1815-13
Saturday, May 112PM Ashleigh Smith vs. **Gilbert Ortiz**11-2510-2515-10
 3PMCarely Cass vs. **Grace Amato**25-3517-258-15
 3PMMargaret San Nicolas vs. **Jessica Smith** 13-2520-258-15
Saturday, May 182PMGilbert Ortiz vs. **Jessica Smith**14-2516-25
 3PM**Carley Cass** vs. Ashleigh Smith25-2225-21
 4PMMargaret San Nicolas vs. **Grace Amato**16-2514-25
Saturday, May 252PMJessica Smith vs. Ashleigh Smith 
 3PMMargaret San Nicolas vs. Carley Cass
 4PMGrace Amato Vs. Gilbert Ortiz
Saturday, June 12PMAshleigh Smith vs. Margaret San Nicolas
 3PM Jessica Smith vs. Grace Amato
 4PMCarley Cass vs. Gilbert Ortiz 
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